Welcome to enjoy the scenic Central Finland near the pure lakes and forest!

Meillä on kivaa!

We wish you will enjoy your holiday every moment. Holiday is a time for fun, relaxation and sports. Sometimes unexpected still situations occurs. If you or your companion happen to get a flu, little accident happens in a ski slope or other health problems occurs, our friendly and professional personnel will help you to find the best, most effective and secure help from the Pharmacy so that you can continue enjoying your holiday.

Finnish pharmacy-Finnish quality!

In our Pharmacy you can make shopping for your whole family. We have a wide selection of Pharmacy cosmetics, hygiene products, vitamins, trace elements (hivenaine), supplements (ravintolisä) and omega-3-fatty-acids – all with high quality to maintain (ylläpitää) your and your family´s health. You can be sure that our product are genuine Pharmacy products.

Welcome to be served in our Pharmacy!

Our personnel serves always in Finnish, English and Swedish, usually in French, German and Spain and during Christmas and New Year´s holidays also in Russia. Our Customer Service Chat serves in Finnish and English usually on weekdays at 12-15 pm (www.jamsanapteekki.fi and www.verkkosivuapteekki.fi).

You can order secure and Finnish Pharmacy products to Russia from our e-commerce!

You can select high quality products and medicines from a selection of over 2000 Pharmacy product from our e-commerce at www.verkkosivuapteekki.fi

We are specialized in pets health and wellbeing at www.kissanomaapteekki.fi and www.koiranomaapteekki.fi and also in Facebook https://fi-fi.facebook.com/kissanomaapteekki https://fi-fi.facebook.com/koiranomaapteekki

and also in sexual heath- and intimate products at www.intiimiapteekki.fi and in Facebook https://fi-fi.facebook.com/Intiimiapteekki

E-commerce provided by Jämsän apteekki

E-commerce is provided by a private Finnish Pharmacy, Jämsän apteekki, which is legalized and controlled by Fimea (authority of pharmaceutical industry). Adress is Säterintie 4, 42100 Jämsä, apteekki@jamsanapteekki.fi www.jamsanapteekki.fi

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We are located 7 kilometers from Himos to southwest.

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